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386th NEWS

  • Medics Train During Contingency Response Development

    U.S. Air Force and U.S. ARMY medical from multiple units came together for a contingency response development at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, Aug. 9, 2023. This simulated mass-casualty training event provided joint participants from multiple wings and squadrons with the chance to put their life

  • U.S. Army Medics train for helicopter evacuation

    U.S. Army Soldiers move a patient on a litter during training at Udairi Range, Kuwait, March 14, 2023. Medical evacuation training allows soldiers to familiarize themselves with the procedures of approaching a helicopter and loading patients. Quick evacuations are paramount to getting wounded

  • Deployed med group keeps Airmen, Coalition members in the fight

    SOUTHWEST ASIA -- Military members across the various U.S. service branches are all expected to maintain certain physical fitness standards in order to be fit to fight. But what happens when those military members get injured or come down with an illness while deployed? For military members assigned