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Command Post: The eyes and ears of the 455th

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cierra Presentado
  • 455 AEW Public Affairs

From initiating wing recalls to relaying weather notifications and inbound attacks, the 455th Command Post Airmen are the eyes and ears of the wing commander here.

Command Post Airmen work together and man their shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure wing leadership and first responders are notified of emergency situations at all times.

“Like every support agency, we provide a unique function to accomplish the mission,” said Tech. Sgt. Samantha Morgan, 455th AEW/CP non-commissioned officer in charge of operations. “We function as the base central nerve center and our job is to disseminate information to multiple agencies so they can initiate proper response.”

When getting out mission essential information to the base, some of the agencies that the command post team contacts include the joint defense operations center, maintenance operations center and the air traffic control tower. They also keep constant contact with BAF aircrews, as well as track theater ballistic missile warning launches that could potentially affect Bagram.

“We keep track of the inbound/outbound aircraft on BAF. We speak to aircrews on the radios and pass information to the ground support agencies. The information we pass allows everyone to prepare for the aircraft arrival, and once they land or depart we use the Global Decision Support System to update their flight time which notifies the Air Mobility Command of their mission’s status,” Morgan said.

Although the Command Post team is a small shop, each individual has a large responsibility that contributes to the overall BAF mission.

“During her time here Morgan has submitted several operational reports to higher headquarters on various issues impacting the wing’s mission,” said SMSgt. Nicole Wilson, 455th AEW/CP superintendent. “She also assessed almost 30 Air Tasking Orders impacting battle changes, keeping leadership abreast of allied warfighting capabilities and requirements.”

When asked what the most interesting part of her job is, Morgan said it was the unpredictability of daily activities at Bagram.

“You start each day not knowing what it’s going to be like, it’s always unpredictable. We also get to see how everyone’s role plays a part and watch it come together,” Morgan said.

The Command Post team continues to work hard at being the central hub to keep BAF Airmen notified of important information and support the mission.