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  • AFCENT, ARCENT partner to test operational capabilities of CARPE Dronvm

    U.S. Air Forces Central partnered with U.S. Army Central, McEntire Joint National Guard Base, and MITRE, to test the operational capabilities of CARPE Dronvm, an AFCENT initiative developed by MITRE for Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems reporting and alerting, on July 18, 2023. CARPE Dronvm’s

  • Russian unprofessional behavior over Syria - 16 July 2023

    “On 16 July at 11:45 am Eastern Standard Time, Russian military aircraft engaged a U.S. aircraft in Syria in an unsafe and unprofessional manner. A U.S. MC-12 was conducting operations in support of the Coalitions Defeat ISIS mission was closely approached by a Russian Su-35 against established

  • U.S. Air Force and Israel partner to enhance operational capabilities

    On 10 July U.S. Air Forces Central Command (AFCENT) began executing a partner nation integration event with Israel, called Juniper Oak. This event will conclude on 14 Jul. This joint event aims to foster interoperability, provide a venue to exchange best practices, and enhance joint operational

  • Russian unprofessional behavior over Syria - 7 July 2023

    “Earlier today three MQ-9 drones were once again harassed by Russian fighter aircraft while flying over Syria. During the almost two hour encounter, Russian aircraft flew 18 unprofessional close passes that caused the MQ-9s to react to avoid unsafe situations. We continue to encourage Russia to

  • Russian unprofessional behavior over Syria - 6 July 2023

    “Russian military aircraft engaged in unsafe and unprofessional behavior Thursday, 9:30 A.M. local time, while interacting with U.S. MQ-9 drones carrying out our D-ISIS mission in Syria. Russian aircraft dropped flares in front of the drones and flew dangerously close, endangering the safety of all

  • Russian unprofessional behavior over Syria - 5 July 2023

    “Earlier today at approximately 10:40 A.M., Russian military aircraft engaged in unsafe and unprofessional behavior while interacting with U.S. aircraft in Syria. While three U.S. MQ-9 drones were conducting a mission against ISIS targets, three Russian fighter jets began harassing the drones.

  • AFCENT stands up Expeditionary Theater Support Group

    The Ninth Air Force (Air Forces Central) Expeditionary Theater Support Group (ETSG), a new and critical arm of U.S. Air Forces Central (USAFCENT), celebrated two key events on July 3, 2023, at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, with a ceremony marking both the official stand up of this first-of-its-kind