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  • Reinforcing Relationships: Show Me The Love

    I arrived at The Rock early June, so I had the unique opportunity of experiencing the wing under the leadership of two different commanders. Both established their own sets of priorities for the wing during their tenure. So far, the one constant priority for our senior leaders has been

  • Everyone is a leader

    In today's Air Force, each one of us is a leader; no matter the rank on a sleeve, every single Airman can lead and impact those around them. In my years of service I have been fortunate to serve alongside phenomenal leaders, many of whom had less rank or time in service than I did at any given time.

  • Fix what you can touch

    "I'm just at The Rock for four months, six months or 1 year"--fill in the length of your deployment. "I'm a transient. So, what can I fix? What can I do to make a difference?"Several years ago, I was stationed at Pope Air Force Base working on the 43rd Operations Group staff. In our conference room,

  • What are you doing right now?

    Too many times throughout my career I have either been in a position where I was not taking care of myself and my future, or witnessed those around me following suit. As I have matured and become wiser, I now know those methods were erroneous. I have since come to realize that we each need to take

  • How to wisely manage your time

    We all have looked up at the clock at the end of our shift and asked ourselves, "Where did the day go?" It's easy to get distracted at some point during the day and never really be able to get back on track. Procrastination, laziness and lack of motivation are all enemies of productivity. Because

  • What is a Wingman?

    Wingman - a title used over and over again throughout the Air Force. After a little research, I found the AF has 27 posters depicting messages on the Wingman concept. Most communicate that an individual's responsibility is to find a Wingman and keep them informed of their current life situation. I

  • My Air Force

    This month, 24 years ago, I enlisted in the United States Air Force and it happened by accident. My purpose that day was to join the Army. I had been Army Guard for a while and had decided to go active duty. I went to the recruiting station to sit down with the Army recruiter and fill out the

  • NCO Business

    On the March 25th, the men and women of the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing had the privilege of hosting Gen. Frank J. Grass, Chief of the National Guard Bureau. That evening, Gen. Grass addressed a theater packed with Marauders and our guests. The rows were filled with guardsmen, reservists and active

  • Make it personal

    The wing just capped off Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a very inspiring event - - "Take Back the Night Walk on The Rock." While everyone had their own personal motivation to participate, it was very moving to see people of every rank, sex, color, religion, and race come together to support

  • Music for those who Save Lives

    The Air Forces Central Command Band, Hypersonic, performed two concerts for medical personnel at Bagram Air Base April 12, 2014. The shows, part of the band's two-week tour of Afghanistan, exemplified the band's appreciation for those saving lives in the region.Hypersonic's recent trip to forward

Mission Video

380th Air Expeditionary Wing Mission Video

380th Air Expeditionary Wing Mission Video