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  • Alcohol and Sexual Abuse: Drinking your way into danger

    The dangers of irresponsible drinking are not limited to DUI. Sexual assault (including rape, sodomy, and any offensive touching of a sexual nature) is one more of the dangers of alcohol. Here are a few facts you should be aware of: On average, there is an allegation of sexual assault every 3 hours in the Air Force. 69 percent of AF offenders and
  • Combat safety

    At first glance, the term combat safety may seem like an oxymoron. How can we be safe when operating in a combat environment? While it is true that combat involves risk, safety is still an integral part of the mission. To fully understand this concept, we have to look at our goals as we apply the principles of safety. The ultimate goal of safety is
  • So you want to get out of your lease?

    You've received your dream assignment, found a great place to rent, and signed a 2 year lease agreement for an awesome apartment. Bright and early one Monday morning, your first shirt notifies you that you have been slotted to deploy for 120 or 180 days. The deployment is a great opportunity but you do not want to pay rent for the 4-6 months that
  • Making a difference…

    When one of the EMDG officers woke up one morning in late July, they were thinking about the "daily routine", if there is such a thing over here. They walked out of their room at 0630 into the 115 temperature and 85 percent humidity, on the way to the medical group thinking how fast time seemed to be going by. What the officer didn't know was that
  • The Culture of Responsible Choices

    As we make our way through and complete AEF 9/10's Wingman Week, I thought it fitting to share some thoughts on the wingman concept and the concept of the Culture of Responsible Choices. The wingman concept, born in the war-torn skies over Europe during the First World War, where it was quickly learned flying solo against the enemy had dangerous
  • Leave your deployment a better Airman

    "Leave your deployment a better Airman." We've all heard this challenge, usually somewhere in the middle of a Right Start briefing, or at any number of events or meetings where General Lyon or Chief Hollen speak. This is a great challenge for everyone serving here, and everyone interprets the challenge differently. Many Airmen try to improve their
  • Why we do it, again and again

    I'd like to think another four months away from my wife and two young daughters is for a good reason. No one has tried to knock down the Sears Tower or detonate a bomb at the Superbowl, so maybe we are doing some good over here - fighting the bad guys in their backyard instead of ours. Things really do seem to be better in Iraq and Afghanistan. The
  • 3 deadly sins of supervision

    We can't afford to have weak supervisors. With manpower being scarce, the Air Force at war cannot afford sloppy supervision. I am not talking about a poorly written feedback form or a late EPR. I am speaking of methods that if adopted by supervisors, can cause the degradation of discipline and eventually get people killed. 1. BEING AFRAID TO BE THE
  • Back to Basics

    I recently took command of the 379th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron and I must admit it has been a dream come true. To command an organization as outstanding and motivated as this one has been especially rewarding. What's more, the squadron has an undeniable role in the mission of this wing and is leading the charge in transforming this base
  • Every Airman is an ambassador

    Prior to my first deployment here, I wasn't sure where it was on a map. My perspectives of Arabs, Muslims and Islam were based on a steady diet of CNN and Fox news reports that depicted the Middle East as a region filled with violence and disdain for Westerners. Although every region has its problems, my two tours here have opened my eyes to an