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Local COVID-19 Information

Click here to visit the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Facebook page. 

Click here for updated Department of Defense guidance regarding deployments. Talk to your chain-of-command for information on your specific situation. The Al Udeid Air Base Passenger Terminal Facebook page has the latest rotator information.

To volunteer and assist with efforts around base, contact your unit First Sergeant.


Check out this website for information on how to make a face covering. U.S. Central Command guidance is located here.

Click here for up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 cases in Qatar.

What To Do If You Are Feeling Sick

According to the CDC, anyone with symptoms of a respiratory illness shouldn't assume novel coronavirus, there are many respiratory illnesses or non-viral reasons for some symptoms. If you are not feeling well, talk to your leadership about rest and hydration in your room for 72 hours. If you need medical advice of any kind, contact the 24/7 Medical Help Line by calling 455-1000 or 974-5080-2912. This help line is designed to limit the amount of patients physically visiting the clinic, and ultimately limit any spread of the virus. If you are seriously ill or have shortness of breath, go directly to the EMDG.

Travel Restrictions

To ensure force protection and manage risk to the installation, 379 AEW/CC will determine if on/off-base travel is open, limited, or closed. Individual unit commanders will manage all risks to their units and personnel associated with on/off-base travel. Off-base travel is a privilege and subject to revocation with no warning in response to changing conditions, regardless of plans, reservations, or funds committed. Please utilize your chain-of-command for questions regarding the current off-base travel conditions.

Open: Individual unit commanders will determine who can go off base, when, and where. The 379th AEW will not operate an off-base travel request process.

Limited: Only authorized individuals will be permitted to travel on/off base. The 379 AEW will determine and maintain a list of authorized travelers, including members who live off base, personnel requiring urgent medical care, and those conducting DFAC and mail operations. Only authorized commanders may request mission critical exceptions. No standing exceptions will be granted, and convenience, comfort, morale, food, entertainment, and other non-essential requests will not be entertained.

Mission Essential On/Off-base Travel (when in Limited):  The base will be notified on the proper steps required to coordinate mission essential on/off-base travel, if the base were to fall under a Limited or Closed status.

Military Medical Off-base Appointment:  Off-base medical appointments for military personnel will be processed through the 379 EMDG patient administration (PAD) org box,

379emdg.check-indesk@auab.afcent.af.mil. Once approved, travelers will receive their approved memo from the Medical Group Exec Office (Bldg. 10124).

Personnel Living Off Base:  When in Limited or Closed status, off-base residents and command sponsored personnel who need base access can direct questions to DSN 318.455.5000.

- To view the most current Coronavirus Disease 2019 information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention click here.
- For military health system information click here.
- To view the latest information on what the U.S. Government is doing click here.
- For social media, please follow and retweet the following handles:

- The World Health Organization keeps a running tally on confirmed cases across the world.


(Updated 3/15/2021)




American Red Cross Information

Click here to visit the American Red Cross website.

If you have any questions regarding the Red Cross notification process or emergency leave, please contact your unit First Sergeant. 

Red Cross notifications will flow from the Command Post to your unit First Sergeant.


Air Force COVID-19 News and Prevention Resources