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380AEW Article

Team ADAB uses green initiatives to beat the heat

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Charles Taylor
  • 380th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

Everyone is feeling the effects of the heat and humidity of the area, from the Airmen to the civilian personnel. Even camera equipment and heat-reducing items have succumbed to the summer temperatures.

With the drive to beat the heat, Team ADAB will be implanting green initiatives to keep everyone cool while working with our host nation partners.

“Right now, we’re in a critical part of the season where it gets extremely hot, and when the temperature rises, we use more power as a base,” said Tech. Sgt. Terry Smith, 380th ECES electrical systems section supervisor. “People are hot in their rooms and their offices, and the usage of power (to stay cool) is being driven up higher than usual.”

The energy reduction initiatives, which are designed to conserve power during the hottest season of the year include:

-Set Dorm room to 25ºCelsius (77ºFarhenheit) while unoccupied and 23°C (73°F) while occupied

-Increase day room area to 27 ºC (80ºF)

-Set Dorm rooms with no personnel assigned to 27 ºC (80ºF)

-Reduce interior/office lighting where possible

-Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and facilities.

-Turn off all water heaters in latrines and laundry facilities

-Clean all A/C filters at least monthly (dorm, office, shower, laundry)

Additional items the squadron will implement include turning off air conditioning in vacant facilities, increasing the temperature of the Phantom Center when it is not being used for events to 27 ºC (80ºF) and exercising generators on non-critical facilities during peak hours of electrical use.

Through it all, the 380th ECES wants Team ADAB to know they’re out doing what they can to meet the customer’s needs.

“We’re constantly working around the clock, trying to make sure everyone has the electrical power they need,” said Smith.