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  • Be aware, but don’t panic – fight the heat

    Team ADAB understands how hot it can get during these current times, and the populous isn't the only things that feels the effect from the heat. In this article, members from the 380th Expeditionary Medical Group and Civil Engineer Squadron discuss how base facilities are handling the weather, and

  • Team ADAB uses green initiatives to beat the heat

    It's summertime in Al Dhafra Air Base, and the drive to beat the heat is on full blast. In this article, the 380th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron details what measures are being put in place to stay cool and conserve power on the installation.

  • Don’t side step the problem, report it

    As facilities begin to age, there are structural issues that may start to show to show over time. In this article, representatives from the 380th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron and the wing safety office discuss who to call if and when these issues arise, and what is being done to fix them.