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  • RST: redefining warrior care

    Have you ever gone through something so devastating in your life that you thought you had no one to turn to, no one to talk to? Maybe you were afraid that if you talked to someone, it would be a career ender because they might tell your leadership. Although these thoughts worry many people, there

  • Hawk soars past 10,000 flying-hour milestone

    Shortly before dawn Mar. 7, an RQ-4 Global Hawk embarked on an Operation Inherent Resolve mission that sent the aircraft soaring past the 10,000 flying hour milestone at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia.RQ-4 Global Hawk aircraft 2019, or “A2019”, was the first block 20 and first RQ-4B model

  • Like fine wine, getting better with AGE

    It’s the minute details of tasks that make what Airmen do so vital to accomplishing their mission. For the Aerospace Ground Equipment flight, these details have a profound impact on flight line operations each day.“We support, maintain and repair aerospace ground equipment,” said Staff Sgt.

  • Choice cuts: BEEFing up the base

    Engineers are known for leading the way. A group of engineers assigned to the Expeditionary Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force Squadron, more commonly known as “Prime BEEF”, has been embodying this concept since their arrival just a few short months ago. The 577 EPBS is organized under the 1st

  • New machine save EMDG time, money

    The Expeditionary Medical Group medical support flight can now save Airmen a seven hour trip to the emergency room thanks to the arrival of a new Coulter AcT diff2 complete blood count machine.After an eight month wait, the $24K machine represents a major increase in capability for the EMDG.“The