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Cargo in, cargo out

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kaitlyn J. Ergish
  • 386th Air Expeditionary Wing

ALI AL SALEM AIR BASE, KUWAIT – In and out. Efficient and accurate. Providing decisive combat power and unparalleled theater support would be impossible to complete without the quick response abilities of 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Airmen.

With rotations constantly changing out and rapidly forward deploying, the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing quick response team completes proper inspection training to ensure their Airmen maintain the multifunctional skills they need to perform various operations.

“We want to integrate new rotations so they’re ready at any point in time when a tasking comes up,” said Tech. Sgt. D’Angelo Evans, 387th Air Expeditionary Squadron special handling technician. “We are always ready to send out our Airmen prepared to complete whatever mission needs to be done and when you go downrange the mission might require you to do something different outside of your job specification.”

The quick response team requires being well-trained on all the individual operations that go into the loading, transporting and unloading of cargo on aircraft.

“Our squadron mostly gets forward deployments,” said Staff Sgt. Eric White, 387th AEW Air Transportation supervisor. “It’s extremely important that our people know how to get the job done no matter where they go.”

This familiarity training sets up the QRT for success and overall furthers U.S. Central Command’s mission of sustaining superior airpower in the area of responsibility.

“Anything that needs to be moved, we move it,” Evans said. “Cargo in, cargo out. Anything that needs to be transported on an aircraft, we touch. It can be anything, from ammunitions to transportation vehicles. So if anything pops off downrange we’re able to expedite and get whatever kind of support they need.”

Ali Al Salem prides itself in being the gateway for the theater due to the support and readiness the QRT provides. Because of the versatility they bring to the table, aircrews are able to forward deploy and support mission operations anywhere, at a moment’s notice.