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386th NEWS

  • Serving side-by-side: Father and son bond on dual deployment mission

    Navigating the twists and turns of military life can be like embarking on an exciting adventure where each challenge is a unique piece of a puzzle. While civilians settle into their typical daily grind, men and women in uniform continue to embark on adventures that are anything but ordinary.

  • 386 AEW Highlights Partnerships with Media Day

    The 386th Air Expeditionary Wing hosted a Media Day Oct. 2, 2023 at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, to showcase how the base’s mission, coalition partnerships and enduring relationship with Kuwait help to maintain regional security and stability.

  • Rucking ‘The Rock’ in Remembrance of 9/11

    Service members from the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Denmark gathered together today for a moment of silence followed by a ruck march in remembrance of the innocent lives lost during the attacks on this fateful day 22 years ago. Sharing the past with our coalition partners secures a brighter future for

  • Military Working Dog Bite Training

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Christian Yadao, 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron military working dog handler, and MWD Betyar to execute bite training at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, July 26, 2023. The MWD teams here train in tandem every day to accomplish their mission of defending and

  • Medics Train During Contingency Response Development

    U.S. Air Force and U.S. ARMY medical from multiple units came together for a contingency response development at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, Aug. 9, 2023. This simulated mass-casualty training event provided joint participants from multiple wings and squadrons with the chance to put their life

  • Kuwait Air Force F/A-18 Certifies Aircraft Arresting System

    A Mobile Aircraft Arresting System (MAAS) received a Kuwait Air Force F/A-18 Super Hornet at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, July 10, 2023. This certification event was beneficial to both the U.S. and Kuwait as the MAAS was certified to provide enhanced stopping power to inbound aircraft, and the

  • ITAF Showcases Typhoon Capabilities with Coalition Partners

    U.S. and coalition partners take part in an immersion with the Italian Air Force to learn more about their Eurofighter Typhoon mission at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, Aug. 4, 2023. Our Italian Air Force counterparts opened their doors to all of the coalition partners here for this unique

  • Building Confined-Space Competence

    U.S. and Canadian personnel pose at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, conducted confined-space training together July 25, 2023. This confined-space training allowed for us to share knowledge and expertise, thus reducing the risks associated with confined-space operations for all.

  • Military Working Dogs Go for a Ride

    U.S. Air Force Airmen and military working dog Lucky from the 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, take part in vehicle familiarity training with an M-ATV at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, July 13, 2023. The M-ATV is designed to provide the same levels of protection as the larger and

  • Explosive Partnerships with Coalition Demolition

    A U.S. Air Force explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician from the 386th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron conduct a controlled detonation near Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, July 21, 2023. EOD technicians from the 386th ECES frequently work with our coalition partners during demolitions