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Bagram SARC supports Airmen throughout Afghanistan

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cierra Presentado
  • 455th AEW Public Affairs

If an Airman ever finds them self in a situation that needs the sexual assault response coordinator, the Bagram SARC will fly to their location wherever they may be in the Area of Responsibility throughout Afghanistan to provide support.

Capt. Diana Hall, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing SARC, is the only Air Force SARC in the country of Afghanistan. She supports all of the Airmen here at BAF, as well as at the various FOBs, by providing the mandatory sexual assault prevention and response briefing and being on standby for calls.

“Being the only SARC in Afghanistan means I do a lot of traveling, I have to make sure everyone receives the SAPR (sexual assault prevention and response) briefing,” said Hall. “I also visit some of the FOBs from time to time to make sure the Airmen know who I am so if a situation does arise, they know who I am and can feel comfortable talking to me.”

Hall is responsible for making sure each Airman receives SAPR training as part of an Air Force requirement. She visits each squadron and various shops weekly to ensure everyone is updated on their training. With the constant rotations, Hall is always providing the briefing to new Airmen.
Being on a joint base, Hall also works alongside the Army sexual harassment assault response and prevention team. When needed, she also steps in and assists the other branches of service.

“My primary focus is to support Airmen, but I am available to help the other branches of services,” she said. “The Army has a lot more folks here so if the SHARP is tied up, members are able to come talk to me and I can work with the SHARP with those situations.”

When reporting a sexual assault, the procedures are the same as they would be back at home station. If an individual needs medical care, they are advised to call 911 or go to the Craig Joint Theater Hospital, if there is no emergency, call the SARC on call phone. Individuals should be aware that if they go to the CJTH, the provider will notify the SARC. Once communication has been made with the SARC, individuals are given the reporting options which are either restricted or unrestricted reports.

“The process is identical to home station. We’ve all been through the training before, so nothing really changes,” Hall said. “We are just in a different environment; the reporting options remain the same.”

The SARC is always looking for helping hands. Individuals that are certified victims’ advocates with experience are encouraged to get involved and contact the SARC.

“I can always use the extra help in the SARC office. Whether it’s a small task or something bigger, I know victims’ advocates are well trained and ready to assist so please feel free to contact me.”

The SARC has an open door policy and encourages people to come talk anytime. Units are encouraged to make sure Airmen are briefed on SAPR during their deployment. For questions or to talk to the SARC contact Capt. Hall at 447-6272. To report a sexual assault call 079-872-5042.