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  • Civil Air Patrol Airman deployed to Bagram

    An Airmen deployed with the 455th Expeditionary Communications Squadron is not only an Airman, but also a Civil Air Patrol volunteer who dedicates his free time to helping train youth and respond to crisis situations.The CAP, which has provided support to emergency services as well as the aerospace

  • Bagram SARC supports Airmen throughout Afghanistan

    If an Airman ever finds them self in a situation that needs the sexual assault response coordinator, the Bagram SARC will fly to their location wherever they may be in the Area of Responsibility throughout Afghanistan to provide support.Capt. Diana Hall, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing SARC, is the

  • Bagram Chaplains provide spiritual support to Airmen throughout AOR

    During a deployment, it’s important for Airmen to maintain a sense of spirituality in order to balance what may be a hectic life in a deployed environment. The Chaplain Corps’ primary focus here is supporting Airmen to ensure they’re spiritually and mentally fit to perform their mission.Bagram

  • ‘1000s of Hands’ Project: 455th AEW/HC SSgt. Anthony Camper

    Staff Sgt. Anthony Camper, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing chaplain assistant, spends his deployment supporting Airmen by acting as a mentor and providing counseling to BAF Airmen ensuring units maintain morale and remain spiritually and mentally fit to complete the mission.Not only does Camper support

  • ‘1000s of Hands’ Project: 455th EMDOS Capt. David Vuong

    Capt. David Vuong, 455th Expeditionary Medical Operations Squadron pharmacist, is responsible for keeping the pharmacy fully stocked with medications to treat patients at Bagram keeping them fit to fight in order to support the mission. Vuong’s primary focus is on the medication aspect of health

  • TMO Airmen help close down shops in preparation for draw down

    With the drawdown of U.S forces in the near future, the 455th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron’s Traffic Management Office is helping close down the base one shop at a time.The TMO office ensures that all shipments from the AOR, to include hazardous and classified materials as well as

  • Weather team relays forecast readings to Bagram F-16 Pilots

    The 555th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron’s weather team’s job is to make sure weather updates are relayed to the F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots and leadership to ensure pilots are conducting safe flying missions.Upon the start of their day, the weather team checks a full satellite image of Afghanistan;

  • Deployed Airman works towards dream, one project at a time

    Senior Airman Carl Vanlandingham, 455th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron structural journeyman, always knew he wanted to be a carpenter and welder.At the age of 12, Vanlandingham built his first project. After seeing how talented he was with his hands, he proceeded to experiment and built

  • ‘1000s of Hands’ Project: 455th EAS SrA Greg Falannigan

    Senior Airman Greg Flannigan, 455th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron aircrew flight equipment journeyman, is responsible for making sure C-130 aircrews are supplied with lifesaving equipment prior to flying a mission here. Flannigan inspects and maintains all the lifesaving equipment that pilots and