• Innovate, Accelerate, and Thrive

    2022 marks the United States Air Forces 75th Anniversary. With the Air Force reaching this historical milestone of 75 years since the date of the inception, Airmen across the service were asked to come up with the theme for the anniversary.

  • Red Tail legacy empowers diversity

    The 332d Air Expeditionary Wing has a neighborhood feel that keeps people smiling throughout the day and cherishing memories of their time here.As current day Red Tails, we strive to practice radical inclusion – the intentional inclusion of people from all walks of life. However, this was not the

  • HC-130J sustains combat air power

    The HC-130J Combat King II aircraft, the result of the HC/MC-130 recapitalization program, has the ability to receive inflight refueling as well as the capability of providing fuel to other aircraft. The Combat King II is the only Air Force dedicated fixed-wing personnel recovery platform; its

  • Legacy Project

    Leaving a legacy behind is something many aspire to do and sometimes an opportunity will come along that becomes part of a larger picture of historical significance.

  • Honor Guard carries on rich tradition at Ali Al Salem Air Base

    The room is silent and still. From the rear comes a synchronized, “Tap. Tap. Tap,” from military issued boots. All present display a humble reverence as the flags of their nation and a deployed military unit pass by, displacing the air around them.“Present arms!”, comes a sharp commanding order that

  • AUAB thinks outside the box for HAZMAT training

    When a package that is believed to be intentionally crafted or placed with malicious intent is found, first responders must determine what it is and properly dispose of it for the safety of the installation and its populace. 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Airmen from various agencies responded to a

  • The King at night

    An HC-130J Combat King II aircraft, assigned to the 26th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, on the flight line in Southwest Asia Jan. 20, 2022. The 26th ERQS is assigned to the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing which generates, executes and sustains combat airpower and combat search and rescue forces across

  • The 380th EFSS Community Activity Center

    Located above the Thirsty Camel in the base pavilion area, the men and women assigned to the 380th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron Community Activity Center are dedicated to helping the members of the 380 AEW relax during their time at Al Dhafra.

  • Rising 4 Airman’s Attic gives back

    In a hurry to pack or to maximize luggage space, 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing Airmen may find themselves wondering what to do with usable, new or used, uniform items, clothes, electronics, and more.In comes the "Airman's Attic."The Attic, operated by volunteer Red Tail Airmen of all ranks and

  • End of the “Desert Falcon” Joint International Exercise

    The “Desert Falcon” joint international exercise concluded this past week. The exercise was held at Uvda Air Force Base in cooperation with the Ninth Air Force (Air Forces Central). The exercise included the Israeli Air Force's 122d, 119th, and 115th Squadrons, and U.S. Air Force's 55th