386th NEWS

  • The Next Generation of Power

    For members of the 386th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron, it's all hands on deck to keep base generators in top tier shape.

  • From combat boots to rubber boots

    As an expeditionary engineering group based out of Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, Prime BEEF can go anywhere in the U.S. Air Forces Central Command area of responsibility as needed. Established in October 1964, they support frontline construction, emergency management and a myriad of other specialized

  • You can't fly without supply

    To help keep planes flying, the 61st Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit works 24/7 to deliver assets or parts that maintainers need to fix aircraft. Winning today’s fight means executing the air tasking order daily to meet the U.S. Central Command commander’s priorities. With aircraft flying

  • Honor Guard carries on rich tradition at Ali Al Salem Air Base

    ALI AL SALEM AIR BASE - The room is silent and still. From the rear comes a synchronized, “Tap. Tap. Tap,” from military issued boots. All present display a humble reverence as the flags of their nation and a deployed military unit pass by, displacing the air around them.“Present arms!”, comes a

  • Intel equips commanders with knowledge

    The 407th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron Intelligence flight analyzes data on activity around the area of responsibility and ensures commanders are equipped with knowledge to assess threats in theater.

  • Where there is a Need, ASAB Supplies

    The 386th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron Material Mangement Flight work at the Expeditionary Theater Distribution Center, where joint and coalition forces receive items such as body armor, individual first aid kits, helmets, weapons, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear

  • 386th Contracting Works Behind the Scenes

    Within the first couple of weeks the 386th Expeditionary Contracting Squadron starting their deployment, the Noncombative Evacuation Operation was initiated, which called the contracting office into action over the next couple of months.