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  • Chaplain’s thoughts on ‘perception’

    When I was wing chaplain at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, I went with the security forces commander one evening to visit a seriously injured Airman in the intensive care unit at a large hospital in the city of Suwon.Neither one of us were familiar with the hospital, so we wandered around using the Braille method to discover the ICU. After
  • Doolittle's Continuing Mission

    Today marks the 71st anniversary of Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. From an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, the 34th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Doolittle's own Thunderbirds, will fly four very special American flags into combat to commemorate the event. They do so to celebrate one of the most inspiring missions of World War II, and one of
  • Relax in solitude

    Outside of the gymnasium on a base in an undisclosed location, the sun is beating down on the rocks, the wind is whipping by, and the roar of jet engines is heard in the distance. But walk inside that gymnasium, any Sunday or Thursday evening, and be greeted by the strains of soft instrumental music and a sea of silent military members, seated on
  • Resiliency: A Panoramic View

    On a solo backpacking trip, weeks prior to my current deployment, I unintentionally veered away from my planned route after a sudden storm swept across the canyon floor I was hiking through. Though it was a direct affront on my pride, I had to admit to myself that I was lost. As I fumbled between map, compass and pencil, and attempted to reorient
  • Consider the Eraser

    Have you ever thought about the purpose of an eraser? I can hear you say, "Wow! Deep, spiritual reflection today, eh Chap?" Seriously, why was the eraser invented? The obvious answer is to correct a mistake we have made while writing on paper. The eraser allows us to wipe away our mistake and start over. The same could be said of white-out or the
  • CAF: Thanksgiving proclamations in American history

    Thanksgiving proclamations have a long history in the United States. The Continental Congress in 1777, one year after our independence, gave the first Thanksgiving proclamation. These proclamations by the Continental Congress continued until 1784. George Washington then issued his first Thanksgiving proclamation in 1789 entreating the people to
  • Job Swap: A day in the life of the Army

    During the four years I've been in the Air Force, my job has been all about fighting fires. Recently, I was approached by my leadership and asked if I wanted to participate in an Army initiative called "A Day in the life of a Soldier." Along with three of my fellow firefighters, we volunteered to experience what they do. A day in the life program
  • CAF: Got skills? Analyzing your helping skills

    Many of us think we know the best way to solve a problem. Especially if it isn't really our problem, but one of someone we know. When a friend, family member or co-worker shares an issue with you, many people will jump into the best course of action we can think of to solve their problem. We want to be helpful ... besides if they didn't want our
  • CAF: All Saints Day: Role models and heroes for our lives

    Have you ever had a person in your life to serve as a role model, a hero; perhaps a coach, a grandparent, parent, teacher or mentor in the military? Perhaps you admired their accomplishments or longed to be like them in some way. Well, All Saints Day, November 1st, is a wonderful day to pause and reflect on the role models and heroes in our lives.
  • CAF: How to avoid the local top 3 non-battle injuries

    Most patients tell me they arrive at the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing with both professional and personal goals. Professionally, of course, they want to contribute to the fight. Personally, many want to go home having made themselves better in some way; often, this means they want to go home in better physical condition. Their desire to improve