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  • CAF: Spiritual fitness in a K-Cup world

    I love the aroma of a hot pot of coffee filling the house when I step in the door on a fall day. I like the social dynamic of making a pot to share with others. So, I never thought I would want one of those machines that makes single cups of coffee until my wife gave me one for my birthday last year. I had argued that they were too expensive to
  • CAF: Learn to sleep to function at 100 percent

    The goal of Comprehensive Airman Fitness is to promote a culture within the Air Force that helps all Airmen develop or enhance their resiliency skills so they are better equipped to succeed in the military. Developing and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is essential to the concept of Comprehensive Airman Fitness. Leaving the comfort of our homes,
  • Oh well, whatever, never mind

    The other day I decided to go for a run - iPod strapped to my arm, listening to music through my single ear bud. The first song on my playlist was from Nirvana, "Smells like teen spirit." I enjoy their music, but I never paid much attention to the words until this particular day. Kurt Cobain concludes one of the verses by singing, "Oh well,
  • CAF: Strengthening social ties

    Unless one chooses to live life as a hermit and completely stops interacting with everyone, relationships are inevitable ... families, girl/boyfriends, friends, coworkers, supervisors, subordinates, acquaintances, spiritual fellowship, etc. While the idea of being a hermit may be appealing at times, it's not likely to happen nor is it a long-term
  • How to reduce your unit's stress

    First, let me say, stress in all its dimensions makes us stronger. In itself, it's a necessary part of resilience (i.e. you'll not pass your physical fitness test without stressing yourself ... a lot). Ultimately, call me biased, but I believe stress is spiritual in nature. Two equally healthy and intelligent persons can vary greatly on their
  • CAF: Fitness makes the heart grow stronger

    Tired of being stuck behind a computer all day? Missing friends and family? One great way to relieve stress and ward off anxiety is by simply getting a great work out. There are many opportunities to do just that while deployed here.There are two fitness centers, both conveniently located and available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each
  • A Sweet New Year!

    Various religions celebrate the end of one year and the welcoming of a New Year. Sometimes New Year celebrations are tied to a historical event - the motion of the stars or the farming season. In many places, the New Year begins on Jan. 1, but for those who are Jewish, it is celebrated during September.Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, begins at
  • CAF: Resiliency: It's not just a 'buzz' word anymore

    Resilience is defined as the ability to return to the original form or position. It can also be defined as the ability to recover readily from illness, depression or adversity.On the surface, the definition leads me to believe one must be out of sorts in some manner in order to benefit from the very principles of resilient practices or actions.The
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness: The best definition of humility

    The best definition of humility that I have ever heard is, "Humility is not thinking little of one's self. Humility is thinking of oneself very little." This is just not a cute play on words. Sometimes people have the wrong understanding of humility as though there is something fundamentally wrong acknowledging personal gifts, abilities, skills,
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness: Spiritual Fitness – A time for restraint and re-evaluation

    Here in Southwest Asia and around the world, Muslims anticipate the arrival of Ramadan, the ninth and holiest month of their calendar year. As many of us know, during the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food, drink and other physical needs from dawn (about an hour and a half before sunrise) until after sunset. In contrast with other