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  • AFCENT Commander sends Memorial Day mesage

    On May 25, 2009 we will again honor our service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation as we have done for the past 141 years.  In the last few years of commenting on the celebration of Memorial Day, I've discussed with you the history of Memorial Day, how it became a national holiday and even shared with you memorable
  • The Air Medal: A record of our combat air and space power contributions to OEF and OIF

    Sixty seven years ago this month, Executive Order 9158 established The Air Medal to recognize any person who, "while serving in or with the U.S. Army, will have distinguished himself or herself by meritorious achievement in aerial flight." The Air Medal today is an award for members of all U.S. military services who conduct acts of heroism or who
  • NCOs, be the example

    I remember my first duty section as an Airman Basic at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C.   We had 17 sergeants (Buck Sergeants) in the shop.  These gentlemen were the heart and soul of the unit.  I admired them for their wisdom and work ethic.  They could answer all my questions without asking and would take me out and show me how to perform the task. 
  • Memorial Day Remembrance

    Contrary to popular belief, Memorial Day is much more than a three-day weekend that marks the beginning of summer. To many people, especially the nation's thousands of combat veterans, this day, which has a history stretching all the way back to the Civil War, is an important reminder of those who died in the service of their country. The story of
  • What it takes to be a hero

    Are you a hero?  Do you look in the mirror and see a person who deserves recognition for doing the nation's work?  Webster's has two definitions of "hero" that I will focus on; one who is "admired for his achievements and noble qualities" and "one who shows great courage."The profession of arms is a noble cause when executed against rogue nations,
  • Lost Wingmen

    If you have been in the Air Force for any amount of time, you have most likely heard of the Wingman Program.  In your introduction to this program, it should have been explained the term "Wingman" has its roots in the Air Force's storied past.A flyer's Wingman was the pilot who supported the other in a potentially dangerous flying environment.  The
  • Breathe stress out of Your Life

    A zebra grazes tranquilly on the beautiful, sun-dappled African plain.  The zebra glances up and locks eyes with a lion closing in for the kill.  Instantly, the zebra's body kicks into survival mode. Its muscles tense, heart rate accelerates and breathing becomes rapid and shallow preparing the zebra for intense muscular effort.  Blood diverts away
  • Understanding Recovery

    For most survivors, a sexual assault, particularly rape or sodomy, is probably the most traumatic event to ever touch their life. How you react and recover will be dependent upon many factors including: the relationship with the perpetrator, the level of violence and duration of the attack, other life crisis experiences, a support system,
  • Military service … what is your perspective?

    The Military has always relied upon the use of regulations as the primary means to maintain good order and discipline within its fighting force. There exists a growing issue in today's military whether deployed, or at home station, regarding the willingness to adhere to established standards. There often emerges a struggle between an individual's
  • Rules really do matter

    "Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak; and esteem to all."Although many, many years have passed since George Washington spoke these words, they apply as much today as they did then. Discipline is a state of order based on submission to rules and authority. The state of order that results