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  • Effective followership

    As I considered a topic for this edition I recalled numerous articles on how to be a great leader, but only a few on how to be a good follower. What is followership? Webster's defines followership as "The capacity or willingness to follow a leader." I believe being a good follower is often taken for granted which is interesting when you consider we
  • Teamwork builds mission success

    I am not much into fist-pumping speeches or flowery phrases to get a point across, so here is the important fact -- teamwork. I will try and explain, as best I can, how teamwork is vital for our success every day in and around the base. When I was a squadron commander, I used to show a video clip from a commercial. It showed several hundred very
  • We got your back

    "The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual," -- Coach Vince Lombardi. During my first commander's call with each new rotation, I kick it off with the video of "Why We Are Here." Those who have never deployed before who come here on their first deployment, have the feeling it is pretty safe and
  • Wireless internet growing to support base's mission

    Every time I'm at Memorial Plaza or the BPC community center, I can't miss how much the base population appreciates the U.S. government-provided Wi-Fi service. It is clear that our warriors need this connection to take care of the critical personal and professional business requirements that they face while away from home for their extended
  • Women saving the planet

    In our nation's history, women's contributions to our great country have been overlooked and completely omitted at times. The idea of acknowledging women's contributions to American History had little support until 1978, when the Education Task Force of the Sonoma County (California) Commission on the Status of Women initiated a "Women's History
  • Emotional intelligence at work

    What is the determining factor that influences whether a person will be successful in the workforce? Research points to several common character traits, such as intelligence, natural ability, personal experiences, determination and a bit of luck. Within the last decade however, a new characteristic has gained popularity and sparked debate among the
  • Fitting puzzle pieces together

    As the father of three children, I have fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table with my kids putting picture puzzles together. Each one of my children enjoyed seeing the picture begin to develop as the puzzle pieces were found and gently put into place.As they got older, it became a competition to see who would find the last piece and
  • Giving Thanks

    During our nation's Civil War, the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln issued the first official Thanksgiving proclamation in 1863 as a day of thanksgiving and praise. Thanksgiving has grown into the most traveled holiday for Americans to visit loved ones. For those of us who proudly serve and wear the uniform while deployed in the
  • Wingmanship should prevent sexual assault

    The purpose of having Wingman Week is to build cohesion and trust with peers, supervisors and commanders. Wingmanship, however, should not be practiced once a year, but every day of the year. Being a wingman extends beyond the flying community. It includes all career fields in our Air Force. Being a good wingman means taking care of self and, most
  • Defining risk in a deployed environment

    The operations tempo and the urgency of the mission in a deployed environment place Airmen under extreme stress. Work days and weeks are longer and everyone knows a lost sortie can have an enormous mission impact. So how is an Airman to know how much risk to take to accomplish the mission? The answer is most likely at your finger tips. Air Force