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  • Spiritual fitness important as physical fitness

    Are you fit enough to return home? I have noticed while deployed here that people are willing to endure a lot to keep their bodies in shape. They will perform with meticulous precision diets, weight-lifting and aerobic routines, cycling feats, chin-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. It takes discipline to complete these routines and discipline is never
  • A little courtesy goes a long way

    It's hot - 114 degrees on a cloudless day. The sun is beating down relentlessly. You're driving along in your truck with the air conditioning at full throttle. There are about a dozen servicemembers waiting at the bus stop around the corner. You don't have a care in the world; it's just another beautiful day in the desert. As you turn the corner,
  • Active listening key to effective communication

    How many times have you found yourself involved in a discussion, meeting or dialogue where the most important thing on your mind was waiting for an opportunity to say what you were thinking? Communication is a fundamental cornerstone to improving your interpersonal skills. For communication to be effective there must be three key elements: the
  • ‘Mission first’ creed essential for successful operations

    Log on to the base's home page and you'll see the words "Mission First!" It is a creed military people must live by to fulfill our promise to our nation's leaders that we'll accomplish the tasks set before us. Unfortunately, many servicemembers here may misinterpret the meaning of "Mission First!" After all, the word "first" implies that something
  • Diversity promotes teamwork

    Have you ever heard the phrase "There is no 'I' in "team?" In fact, there is no "U" in team either. For many years we have been accomplishing feats in magnitudes never before envisioned, and teamwork was the main ingredient for those accomplishments. Air Force Pamphlet 36-2241, Professional Development Guide, states "Team stands for Together
  • First impressions are lasting

    How many of you believe in first impressions? We have all heard that first impressions are lasting impressions. From the first day I arrived it was easy to notice the great Airmen assigned here. I've been assigned a little more than two months and all of you continue to perform brilliantly and all have left a very proud, positive, professional and
  • Leadership expectations can effect mission accomplishment

    Have you ever been in a situation where your supervisor seemed to keep changing the rules? Or perhaps your supervisor seemed to hold you accountable for standards you didn't even know about. Unfortunately, all too often in the Air Force our dedicated Airmen find themselves having to guess what their supervisors expect of them. That's because with
  • Enforcing standards is everybody’s business

    You may have heard the Air Force First Sergeants' motto, "People Are Our Business," and as first sergeants, we take this saying very seriously - some people might say too seriously. However, as Airmen in the United States Air Force, enforcing standards is EVERYBODY's business. To take that one step further, each and every day residents here receive
  • Remembering those who remember us

    Dave Hoy loved airplanes, and he loved his country. His life was a testimony to his passions, and even his death blessed many who shared them. David Look Hoy was only 53 when he died unexpectedly in his sleep on February 11th in Palmdale, Calif., where he was on a flight test assignment. A licensed pilot since he was 16 years old, Dave dedicated 29
  • ‘Can do’ attitude key to winning fight

    Shortly after I found out he was promoted to chief master sergeant, I congratulated my flight chief on his promotion. He tilted his head forward, lowered his reading glasses, looked me in the eyes, smiled and shouted, "Sir, I've been a chief for years ...for years! The Air Force just realized it and promoted me ... business as usual for me, sir." I