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  • Invest in yourself: The desert is a wonderful place for change

    Part of the wing's mission statement is to make Airmen better while deployed. From my perspective there are two facets to that goal. First, it implies that leadership will invest on a professional basis in those who serve here away from home. Also, as we each share our home station practices with one another, we can combine them as we complete the
  • Aeromedical evacuation a Total Force operation saving lives every day

    Total Force. We are all familiar with the term. In these days of expanding missions and limited dollars, the United States military has moved the "one team, one fight" idea from concept to reality. The United States Air Force has led the way--from Panama to Desert Storm, to Somalia, to the Balkans, and beyond. Our Air Force has faced the challenges
  • There I was...reflections from a troubled mission

    Like most pilot stories this one begins with "There I Was"... There I was--at 30,000 feet in my T-38 staring straight into a towering black cloud and wishing I was somewhere else... Two hours earlier, I was psyched for my first T-38 cross-country mission. I was well rested, well prepared, and excited about flying from Arizona to Texas. Sure there

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380th Air Expeditionary Wing Mission Video

380th Air Expeditionary Wing Mission Video