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  • It’s awesome and it matters, but don’t take my word for it

    This tour has provided me some different insights than I’ve gained on earlier deployments. Previously, I flew the line and led the tactics shop focusing almost solely on my Air Force Specialty Code. I was accomplishing my role in the production and employment of airpower or the mission (a.k.a. the mish). During this deployment, as commander of the
  • ‘Like’ Me!

    Being deployed brings challenges. We’re away from familiar environments. We must work to stay connected to loved ones. We’re busier with work than our job in garrison. However, we are fortunate to be afforded the convenience of the internet (something the Doolittle Raiders couldn’t have dreamed of in their time away). Although I’m an old guy, I
  • 379th AEW Chaplain Corps – Helping Airmen Stay Spiritually Fit

    The 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Chaplain Corps Religious Support Teams (RSTs) work hard every day helping to protect and provide for the spiritual needs of Airmen deployed and stationed here at Al Udeid. In addition to squadron focused warrior care unit engagement and confidential counseling, the RSTs work hard to provide opportunities for Airmen
  • Why I stayed in the Air Force

    A great many of us are approaching the final three months of our tour at Al Udeid. In my experience, this is a time when frustrations increase. In order to remain positive, I suggest we focus on the reasons we chose to serve. Allow me to share my personal perspective.From an early age, I had a strong desire to fly. I reached my childhood dream by
  • Adapt to your Environment

    Deployed operations are intense. Leaders at every level must adapt to mission demands quickly to produce consistent, effective, and sustainable combat and combat support capability despite the challenges of building a cohesive team from individuals who have never worked together, high turn-over and unfamiliar surroundings. Our deployed environment
  • A Son’s Honor to His Mother during Women’s History Month

    Many of you may know that in the United States, March is the annual declared month highlighting the contributions of women in history. During this month, many venues will celebrate women’s accomplishments throughout history via a myriad of events. Obviously, there is much to celebrate and sing praises for, as President Barack Obama said in his
  • Rose in No Man’s Land

    Typically in historical times, the conventional mindset was war is a man’s fight. However, there are more than 250 documented cases of women who served in the ranks of both the Union and Confederate armies dressed as men. An act once considered rebellious and patriotic. Women used this assumed male social identity to claim full status as citizens
  • This Deployment – Leadership, Integrity and Commitment

    We all joined the military at different ages, motivated by different circumstances. We follow in the footsteps of, and are entrusted with, the legacy of those who have gone before us. And, like many, we dreamt of the day that we become commanders. Along the way, we began to learn the meaning of words like Leadership, Integrity, and Commitment;
  • March Madness: AUAB Bracketology

    General Order Number 1C prohibits gambling in the area of responsibility. GO-1C states, “This Order prohibits gambling of any kind, including sports pools, lotteries, and raffles…”So, what does this mean for personnel at Al Udeid Air Base? It means you need to be aware that March Madness National Collegiate Athletic Association Bracket Tournament
  • Honor Service, Not Self

    I debated what article I could write or observation I could make after commanding here at Al Udeid. My patience, sanity and stamina have been tested daily with some unexpected things occurring over the past year here and at home. I’d like to talk about a few interesting things I’ve witnessed from the summer of 2014 until now. I’ll focus on some