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  • What’s your perspective on the ‘Deid?

    I think it's amazing how our attitudes and perspectives shape our life experience. The way we look at issues and challenges has a huge impact on our happiness. Here at Al Udeid, I’ve found it is easy to get frustrated about my air conditioning not working, my favorite item being out of stock at the DFAC or my internet connection being too slow.
  • American holidays

    As Americans, I suspect in our heart of hearts that we all gladly celebrate holidays, days that are uniquely special to us as individuals and bring us a deep sense of meaning and purpose. For some of us, we ground them in our faith traditions and they are holy days; for others, we ground them in life philosophies that help us make sense of the
  • Are You A Good Follower?

    I bet you can name many great leaders, but how many of us can name the followers that made them immortal? I can't really think of any great followers, because being a follower is usually an unsung role, even though followers are essential in accomplishing the mission. Since joining the Air Force I've had my fair share of good and bad leaders;
  • Safety in the AOR: Safety initiatives decrease mishaps

    After 24 years of continuous combat operations in the U.S. Central Command Area of Operations, Airmen have become accustomed to the stressors of deployed environments. We are experts at meeting mission requirements even through the challenges of increased ops tempo, lack of resources, and less than ideal work environments. In the drive to “just
  • Leading from all levels

    When we think of leadership, especially in the military, most of us immediately think about senior and executive level people who have likely been around the organization for some time. Although this is often true, leadership can, should, and must exist, at all levels to have a truly great organization. From the newest Airmen, to the most senior
  • Trusting Airmen to execute the mission

    During a recent brief detailing a complicated air strikeinto a potential non-permissive environment, the wing commander turned to meand asked, “Is your crew ready to do this?” On the surface, it seems an easy question to answer.  I immediately thought to myself, the aircraftcommander and co-pilot have so many combined flight hours, but they are
  • Integrity first

    I love the Air Force core values! Not because they are theAir Force’s, but because they are mine. Each of them speaks to the person I striveto be, not just to my role as a military officer. I am impressed with themeaning of the words integrity, service and excellence, and how they were carefullyselected. They are specific enough to give direction,
  • Making Hard Decisions…

    As a military officer and leader, there have been manyinstances where I have received questions concerning how to make harddecisions. I have often been asked, “what was your thought process, what guidedyour decision?” And even questions like “how do you trust and have confidencein the decisions you make?” and “do you think you made the right
  • Avionics get it running

    On September 8, the 379th Expeditionary MaintenanceSquadron’s avionics flight went 100 percent green across the board on repaircapabilities for the first time since the facility was established in 2003.  The Avionics Flight houses the only avionics repairfacility throughout the U.S. Air Forces Central Command area of responsibility.Since
  • Getting to execution

    When the wingsupported the recent humanitarian airdrop operations in Iraq, we witnessed the executionstage of countless hours, months, and even years of preparatory work.  The delivered pallets, containing thousandsof meals and bottles of water, were the culminating point of complexcoordination across the wing and other organizations just to get to