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  • Getting to execution

    When the wingsupported the recent humanitarian airdrop operations in Iraq, we witnessed the executionstage of countless hours, months, and even years of preparatory work.  The delivered pallets, containing thousandsof meals and bottles of water, were the culminating point of complexcoordination across the wing and other organizations just to get to
  • Ground Hog Day

    By the time many of you read this, most of you will bemidway through your deployment.  And formost, you are hitting your stride.  Youhave your processes down pat and you own the mission despite, day or night, thelong hot shifts.  You’re allprofessionals and by now, you’ve mastered your schedule:  eat, sleep, work and workout…repeat.  It is the
  • The Rest of the Story...Take the Time to Get It!

    As a little kid I remember riding in the car with my parents listening to Paul Harvey on the radio. He closed all his stories with the signature catch phrase, "and now you know ... the rest of the story." It always sounded so corny to me and I'd roll my eyes, but as a commander I find myself using that phrase almost every day. The "rest of the
  • Get paid to go to law school

    The Air Force's Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP) pays law school tuition, full pay, and allowances for those selected. Also the Excess Leave Program (ELP) is an unpaid legal studies program where participants do not receive pay and allowances, but remain on active duty for retirement eligibility and benefits purposes. FLEP and ELP are
  • Receiving feedback

    So, the new Air Force Feedback forms went live on 1 July. Now what? In my professional military education experiences, we spent a lot of time talking about how to give feedback. Among the many techniques that were briefed to me, several even stuck: Be specific. Be consistent. Make an appointment so you don't have distractions during the feedback
  • Community Achievements

    Community...we are a part of it! Here at Al Udeid, our community consists of a total force, joint and coalition team and we do amazing things. Just this month, our community delivered decisive combat air power supporting operations in Afghanistan, and humanitarian efforts in Iraq. As a team, we have provided nourishment from the air for oppressed
  • Follow-through

    A sports enthusiast will tell you about the importance of the follow-through. Whether it is a golf swing, baseball swing, or a punch, failing to follow-through will result in a less than desirable outcome. An online golf magazine says, "it's not enough to perfect the back-swing and get the club to the ball on the right path on the down-swing. The

    Resilient is defined as being hardy, strong, tough, robust, and spirited; all relevant words for Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines deployed to this AOR to defend America. These words apply to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness.Research has shown that if you practice a strong belief system; if you are connected to your
  • Mission: The Grand Slam Wing

    As I have explored the Grand Slam Wing, I have had the honor to meet some of the remarkable Airmen and watch the incredible things that you do each and every day. Whether you are flying air tasking order sorties, turning a wrench to fix an aircraft, protecting our installation, changing an air conditioner unit, supporting our mission partners or
  • Live Our Core Values: Step Up to Stop Sexual Assault

    Values + Action = PreventionSexual Assault Awareness Month is a time we set aside throughout our force, both at home and within the AOR, to focus on educating and increasing awareness about sexual assault and prevention. Sexual assault is a crime and can only be prevented when every person understands we all have a duty to combat it. Commanders,