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  • Commander’s commentary on the New Year

    As we enter the New Year and I reflect back over the past 19 months as your wing commander, I remain in awe of what you collectively accomplish 24/7/365 to deliver decisive combat airpower throughout the theater. I truly appreciate every Airman's demonstrated unwavering dedication to executing and improving our very critical mission. What you do is
  • 379th AEW Commander sends Thanksgiving message

    Grand Slam Wing, As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches I am reminded of all the things I have to be thankful for ... and the majority of those things are tied to the great work you do each and every day. Our nation, our families and our friends rest in peace each night because of the sacrifices you are making serving in this area of
  • The Remembrance Poppy makes its annual appearance

    You may be wondering why British personnel on base are wearing red paper flowers. The red poppy is a symbol of Remembrance; the annual commemoration of those British, Commonwealth and Allied service members who have given their lives in conflicts since the First World War. Every year, millions of people in Britain and the Commonwealth -
  • Expeditionary group observes POW/MIA Remembrance Day

    Recently, Air Force, Marine Corps and Army service members at the 64th Air Expeditionary Group joined forces in the pursuit of one goal: remembering, honoring and supporting our nation's prisoners of war and missing in action.To commemorate the National POW/MIA Recognition Day, Staff Sgt. Timothy Bolger, a 64th Expeditionary Support Squadron
  • Combating sexual assault myths through education

    We all have heard the myth that our country's first president chopped down a cherry tree and when asked about the event by his father, commented, "I cannot tell a lie, Father, I did cut down that cherry tree." Or, for more contemporary times, you may have heard the myth that football players who appear on the cover of the John Madden football
  • A Passion is an Opportunity

    Remote assignments and deployments present a unique opportunity to focus on the mission, and give simultaneous attention to significant self-improvement. Away from what we might call the hustle and bustle of life at home station, some choose to place an emphasis on school or professional military education goals and others focus on hobbies or
  • “To the Grog!”

    The 64th Air Expeditionary Group held their first combat dining-in here Sept. 6 in an effort to boost the group's morale and welfare during the high operations tempo afforded by the deployed environment.It's said combat dinings-in were adopted by the Air Force in the 1930s when General H. "Hap" Arnold's "Wing dings" and their British colleagues of
  • Leadership motivating through education, communication

    The 379th Air Expeditionary Wing's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program has been proactive and resourceful in educating the 379th AEW community regarding sexual assault. Since July, 38 military members here were trained and are now serving as victim's advocates. Five applications have been submitted and approved in September for
  • Stratotanker, Airmen prove versatility, save lives downrange

    After 12 years of KC-135 Stratotanker operations here, it would be fair to assume that all possible missions the venerable tanker is capable of performing has been done.Last week, members of the 340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron in coordination with the 379th Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron performed the first patient
  • Teaching deployed Airmen self-defense

    A short while ago we held a women's self-defense class open to all women deployed to the 64th Air Expeditionary Group here with the intent of giving women techniques to defend themselves from attacking assailants. The four-week class consisted of various striking and defense techniques as well as ground escapes to be used when faced with a "worst