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Voter registration deadlines fast approaching – what you can do now!

(Courtesy graphic)

(Courtesy graphic)


Get your flu shot. Get the tires rotated. Replace the batteries in the smoke detector. All things we know we need to get done, yet somehow let slip. The same goes for registering to vote. 


Illinois, Nevada and South Carolina voters must register to vote no later than today. Alaskan voters must register by tomorrow, October 9, while voters from Utah, American Samoa and Hawaii must register by October 10. Nine more states have until October 11, including Texas and Florida. 


That’s Tuesday!


The good news for voters living outside of their voting residence area is that it’s easier than ever to exercise this basic right held by every American citizen.


First, members should go to https://www.fvap.gov/fpca-privacy-notice, fill in the information, review the PDF file generated by your answers, print, sign and send your registration and ballot request (Federal Post Card Application) to your state election officials. Some states even allow you to simply email your registration. 


Secondly, understand that with approximately 30 days until Election Day your FPCA may get to the election officials in time, but you may not be able to receive your ballot, vote and get it back to your election officials by Election Day deadlines. If this is a concern, use the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot Online Assistant, which serves as an emergency ballot of sorts. 


To complete your FWAB, go to https://www.fvap.gov/fwab-privacy-notice  and go through the same process you did for the FPCA. 


See?  Easy! 


You can send in your FWAB to ensure your vote counts, and if your state gets your ballot to you in time, make sure you vote that ballot and send it in, too. Don’t worry. They won’t count both. Your FWAB will be destroyed if your state ballot is received in time to be counted for the election. 


Now, get that flu shot and change the batteries in your smoke alarms. America needs our Airmen healthy and safe!